Prenatal Classes - Preparing Your Mind with Gentlebirth (Portuguese)

Prenatal Classes - Preparing Your Mind with Gentlebirth (Portuguese)

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A course to help balance expectations, clarify doubts, and boost your self-confidence in the processes of pregnancy, childbirth, and caring for your baby. So that the first days with your baby are lighter and much more enjoyable.

Learn about Hypnobirthing, Labour & Birth, Postpartum, and Human Lactation in 4 online, pre-recorded modules.

About this module:

Hypnobirthing: In this module of the course, we explore a variety of essential topics, such as the use of the GentleBirth Hypnobirthing App, different perinatal care models (doctor-centered versus family-centered), how to cope with stress during pregnancy, neuroplasticity, mindfulness techniques, hypnosis, CBT, and sport psychology, as well as partner preparation, providing a comprehensive approach for a positive and empowering childbirth and pre- and postnatal care experience.

Instructor: Kle Peixoto


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