Gentle Sleep Coach

Our sleep specialist with 15+ years of experience, helped more than 2000 families achieve their goals and teaches/trains other professionals so they can become sleep consultants. Using a variety of solutions and no “one-method” approach.

Improving the family/baby sleep situation can’t be done in a quick fix, so our programs are extremely flexible on the family’s needs and wishes, and long enough to guarantee the problem is resolved.

  • 45, 60, or 90-day program includes:
  • Intake consultation
  • Sleep Assessment
  • Customized Sleep Plan
  • 45/60/90 days of unlimited email, text or Skype/WhatsApp support


  • In-home initial consultation
  • In-home night coaching from bedtime to 5am
  • Night/Day Doula to support your choices and help set them up.
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