Although their experience as doulas came since long before, Mama Doula was established as a company in 2018 as Mama Doula Toronto by the Melissa Rafael and Mafalda Oliveira, both doulas and mothers that have noticed the need of a more whole and present service to expecting parents in the Toronto area.

When Mama Doula blew the candle of its first year, I was added to the team as a doula and no longer later, I've embraced the journey of becoming then the owner, as Mel and Mafalda needed more time to spend with their little ones.

For the past couple years Mama Doula has been growing as much as the babies we help care for, with several new additions and doulas currently supporting clients all over Greater Toronto Area and Southeastern Ontario. The company is now preparing to expand the operations to provide bilingual Portuguese-English services to expecting parents across Canada. And that´s why Mama Doula Toronto recently became Mama Doula Canada.

Each member of our team has discovered through the journey of life and parenthood their own victories and empowerment, and from there we have developed skills and extended our studies to provide others with information and knowledge to find their own victories as well.

Parenthood is a life changing experience and it can be hard, so to make it easier we want to facilitate and support you during that transition.

We provide services for people through fertility struggles, pregnancy, labour/birth, and postpartum. Ranging from education-based workshops and classes to in-person care/support during birthing journey, so they can feel empowered and enjoy every moment.

We serve families not only as our job, but as our purpose.



  • Postpartum Doula
    Postpartum Doula
  • Birth Doula
    Birth Doula
  • Overnight Doula
    Overnight Doula
  • Virtual Doula Support
    Virtual Doula Support
  • Sibling Doula Care
    Sibling Doula Care
  • Gentle Sleep Coaching
    Gentle Sleep Coaching
  • Breastfeeding / Lactation Support
    Breastfeeding / Lactation Support
  • Belly Painting
    Belly Painting
  • Milk Jewelry
    Milk Jewelry
  • PlacentArt