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Prenatal Classes - Postpartum Naked and Raw (Portuguese)

Prenatal Classes - Postpartum Naked and Raw (Portuguese)

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A course to help balance expectations, clarify doubts, and boost your self-confidence in the processes of pregnancy, childbirth, and caring for your baby. So that the first days with your baby are lighter and much more enjoyable.

Learn about Hypnobirthing, Labour & Birth, Postpartum, and Human Lactation in 4 online, pre-recorded modules.

About this module:

Postpartum "Naked & Raw": In this module of the course, we explore the postpartum period and its phases, focusing on parental psychological adaptation, understanding the concept of the 'fourth trimester,' learning about newborn behaviors, and gaining essential knowledge about baby care, empowering you to navigate the postpartum journey with confidence and support.

Instructor: Claudia Pereira


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