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Sparkle Lights Photo Clips for Labour Setting Decor (Warm White) (30 LED)

Sparkle Lights Photo Clips for Labour Setting Decor (Warm White) (30 LED)

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Brand: Sparkle Lights


  • ✨ Enhance Your Labor and Birth Setting - This product is perfect for creating a serene and comforting atmosphere during labor and birth.

    ✨ Create a Tranquil Ambiance - With its transparent clips, these light strings can securely hold photos, affirmation cards or small items, casting a soothing and warm glow that spreads across the room. This gentle illumination is ideal for enhancing the labor and birth experience, providing a calming environment.

    ✨ Convenient USB Operation - Say goodbye to the hassle of batteries. These lights are USB-operated, making them portable and easy to set up anywhere in your labor and birth space. They provide continuous lighting without the risk of sudden power failure, ensuring a reliable ambiance.

    ✨ Capture Priceless Moments - Displaying cherished photos on this strand of lights is a unique and heartwarming way to create memories during labor and birth. Surround yourself with images that matter most to you, turning a plain wall into a canvas of love, strenght and inspiration.

    ✨ Perfect for Labor and Birth Decor - These decorative light strings can transform your labor and birth setting wheter at home or in the hopital. They bring a beautiful and soothing glow to the environment, making it perfect for this special occasion. 

Part Number: Sparkle Lights

Details: 30led, 30 clips. Led color: warm white. Wire length: 10 Ft (3 Meters). USB: Does not require batteries, so it is portable and can be mounted anywhere for ambiance decoration and atmosphere creating and won’t fail easily with continuous lighting.

EAN: 0687398560295

Package Dimensions: 5.4 x 4.6 x 1.1 inches

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