Juliana Oliveira

My journey into the doula profession began during a pivotal trip to Canada when I supported my sister through her birth. It was during this experience that I had a transformative conversation with a doula who deeply resonated with me. This encounter sparked my decision to become a doula in Canada.

My unique approach as a doula is strongly influenced by my background in psychology, which empowers me to provide emotional support and foster body awareness among my clients. I firmly uphold principles of truth, non-judgment, and empathy as the cornerstones of my practice. My ultimate goal is to make every family I assist feel secure and comfortable as they navigate the challenges and emotions of this transformative phase.

To my role as a doula, I bring personal characteristics of determination, loyalty, and unwavering focus. I establish meaningful connections through empathy and compassion, ensuring that I am wholeheartedly there for the process and the family. Doula work is not just a profession; it's a heartfelt commitment to being both inside and outside, offering unwavering support throughout the journey.

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