Gearing up to bring a newborn baby into the world can be exciting for couples and their families. However, pregnancy, labor, and postpartum also come with challenges for the expectant person as they experience physical and hormonal changes in their body. Therefore, working with a Doula can make all the difference, especially for the first child. However, when it comes to Doula services, clients have many questions but often find answers difficult to come by.

Therefore, Mama Doula Canada wants to provide you with the most accurate information to help you make informed decisions. To do this, we've answered some of the most frequently asked questions about Doula services.

1. Why should I have a Doula?

Birth and postpartum are challenging. Doulas are professionally trained people that provide continuous support to the birthing person, including evidence-based information, encouragement, reassurance, and physical support. Having continuous support will help you maintain a sense of control, comfort, and confidence.

3. How can a Doula help me during my birth?

Having a Doula to help inform you to make educated decisions for your pregnancy and delivery can make your experience more positive and empowering. A Doula can guide and remind a laboring parent of their options from epidural to induction to cesareans and everything in between while also helping with pain management techniques throughout the process. Therefore, it can decrease unnecessary interventions, the need to use medications for pain relief, and potentially the chances of having a c-section.

3. What can a Doula do for me after I've given birth?

Whatever way you give birth, postpartum is a hard time. There is much adjustment in the new life with a newborn, plus sleep deprivation and some pain. A Postpartum Doula will help with the transition and make you confident of overcoming any challenges.

4. How much does a Doula service cost?

Our birth packages vary from $1000 to $1600, and postpartum packages from $200 to $7500, depending on the chosen services. Payment plans are also available.

5. What kind of information can a Doula provide?

Being a first-time parent means not having all the answers, but sometimes, you may not even know the questions! A Doula will guide you with wisdom and support, helping you to advocate for your needs with your care providers. They will also provide you with information to equip you to go through the challenges that come with pregnancy, labor, delivery, and postpartum with confidence.

6. How can a Doula help me to manage pain sensations?

There are multiple effective non-medical techniques that a Doula can use to assist with pain management during labor and birth. A few examples are massage, hot/cold compresses, positioning and movement, and breathing techniques.

7. What can a Doula do for my partner if I have one?

We help the partners and other birth companions to understand what is going on, so they can better support you. We also help them feel confident in being part of the process while giving them time to rest, eat and be there fully.

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