New/expecting parents and the community of Kitchener (and surrounding areas) can now count with one more birth and postpartum English-Portuguese doula: Juliana Oliveira!

Juliana's path to becoming a doula began in Brazil, but it was in Canada in 2019 that her passion truly ignited. While helping her sister during the birth of her nephew, she had a meaningful conversation with a doula who shared her background in psychology. This connection made Juliana realize that she could combine her love for psychology with her newfound interest in maternity care.

Her past experiences and career journey have significantly enriched her approach as a doula. Her work in Brazil, where she supported expectant mothers and individuals with specific needs, laid the foundation for her empathetic and holistic approach. This, coupled with her personal dream of motherhood and the enticing opportunities in Canada, led her to this fulfilling path.

Juliana's true passion lies in providing unwavering support, comfort, and care during the profound experience of childbirth. Her approach is holistic, encompassing both emotional and physical aspects. With her background, she integrates body techniques as coping strategies, emphasizing body awareness and the significance of physical touch.

Her unique style as a doula is marked by a strong influence of psychotherapy foundation. She strives to bring her clients' needs to their awareness, fostering deeper emotional understanding and resilience. This approach allows her to effectively utilize body techniques and provide precise information about pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period. Moreover, Juliana places great emphasis on working closely with the support network of expectant mothers, ensuring comprehensive and personalized care.

Juliana's doula practice is guided by unwavering principles: truth, non-judgment, and empathy. These principles serve as the cornerstone of her approach, enabling her to establish meaningful connections with the families she assists. In a phase of life that's both vulnerable and transformative, these principles build trust and provide essential support.

Establishing strong and meaningful connections with the families she works with is paramount for Juliana. Her empathy and compassion serve as the bridge that allows her to understand the unique needs and emotions of each family, creating a sense of security and comfort during this significant life event.

Her goal for every family she assists is clear—to make them feel as secure and comfortable as possible as they navigate the challenges and emotions of childbirth and the postpartum period. Her empathetic support and dedicated approach play a pivotal role in achieving these goals.

Juliana Oliveira's unique blend of expertise in psychology, empathetic support, and dedication to her clients makes her a valuable addition to the world of doulaing. Her journey into this profession, fueled by a deep passion for maternity care, promises to bring comfort and empowerment to the families she assists. 

Welcome on board, Juliana!

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