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I am Claudia Pereira, a birth and postpartum doula and one of the proud co-owners of Mama Doula Canada and Mama Doula Brasil. I am excited to share my story with you and provide a deeper understanding of who I am.

From a young age, I have always had a profound passion for working with mothers and babies. However, life took me on a different path, leading me to focus primarily on higher education and marketing roles for over two decades. Though unexpected, these experiences honed my skills and brought me closer to my true calling.

In 2015, I decided to follow my heart and become a doula and lactation counselor. It was a pivotal moment when I realized that this was where I belonged. Shortly after, I joined Mama Doula team and immediately sensed that it was more than just a business venture. The owners at the time, Melissa Rafael and Mafalda Oliveira, harbored a genuine desire to support couples who faced the challenges of welcoming a baby far from their homeland, family, and friends.

Finding a sense of belonging within Mama Doula, I felt at home. Eventually, an incredible opportunity presented itself, allowing me to become the owner when Melissa and Mafalda chose to dedicate more time to their little ones. It was a dream come true, a serendipitous gift.

Since then, Mama Doula has experienced constant development, mirroring the rapid growth of the families we assist. In the past recent years, we have expanded our services, and  extended doula support to clients across the Greater Toronto Area and Southeastern Ontario.

Looking ahead, we are preparing to expand our operations and offer bilingual English-Portuguese-Spanish services to expecting parents all across Canada. This exciting development prompted the evolution from Mama Doula Toronto to Mama Doula Canada.

During my time as owner, I have remained committed to upholding our core values of respect, responsibility, and non-judgmental care. The rest of my team shares these sentiments and is dedicated to being by our clients' side 24/7, fostering trust and contributing to our success.

Nothing brings me greater satisfaction than helping new parents feel secure throughout their birth experiences. We strive to empower them, reminding them that they are the best caretakers for their babies and encouraging them to confidently embrace their unique birthing journey.

Equally rewarding is creating opportunities for others to find purpose and fulfillment by pursuing their passion. This is an integral aspect of being a doula.

Outside of work, I cherish quality time with my family, exploring new places, and marveling at the beauty of nature's landscapes.

I have thoroughly enjoyed sharing my story and shedding light on what truly matters to me and how it shapes my business practices.

If you or someone you know could benefit from my expertise as a doula and owner of a multi-language birth and postpartum doula company in Canada, I warmly invite you to reach out. Please visit my website at

Warmest regards,


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