Gift Care

Multi-Language Birth and Postpartum Doulas in Canada

Having a baby is a wonderful - but equally challenging - time for new parents and having support to adjust to the life with a new baby is not a luxury, but a necessity. If you want to gift a family with something that will make a real difference, we can help!

  • Postpartum Services London

    give good support

    A birth doula gives professional support through pregnancy, labour, birth and immediate after birth.

    This gift card contemplates full support with 1 prenatal consult, labour and birth presence and 1 postpartum check-in. Believe us: you will be forever remembered for this gift!

  • Doula Services London

    Give good care

    In every culture, all around the world, there are 5 universal postpartum needs:

    1. An extended rest period
    2. Nourishing food
    3. Loving touch
    4. The presence of wise women and spiritual companionship
    5. Contact with nature

    A postpartum doula will assure that your beloved one is all covered for that!

  • Breastfeeding London

    Give good sleep

    Studies show that chronic sleep deprivation can increase a new parent's risk for postpartum depression and might even inhibit their ability to bond with the baby.

    This gift card worth 15 nights of sleep, joy and refreshment. There is no better gift than that!