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What can a doula do for me?

We help to advocate for you and your baby.

Our team of Doula's are experienced at working through the challenges that come with pregnancy, labour, delivery and post-partum care. We can help and support you to advocate for your needs with your care providers.

We help you with what questions to ask to your care providers.

Being a first time parent means not having all the answers, but in some cases, you may not even know the questions! Our experienced and caring doula's will guide you through with wisdom and support.

We give you information regarding your birth choices.

Birth is a beautiful and empowering experience for many parents, but it can also be overwhelming. Having a doula to help inform you to make educated decisions for your pregnancy and delivery can make your experience positive and empowering.

We help you manage your pain!

Using methods like massage, hot/cold presses, positioning, breathing techniques and more, our Doula's will offer a range of ways to assist with pain management.

Help with management of interventions.

Each birth experience is unique, however for parents with worries related to birth interventions, our doula's can help inform and guide a labouring parent through options from epidural to induction to cesareans and everything in between.

Skin to skin contact.

A doula will help ensure parents and baby receive an essential amount of skin-to-skin time post-partum for healthy bonding and development.

Birth time management & birth parent care.

Breathing, moving around safely, trips to the bathroom and taking adequate care of yourself during birth can all be assisted and improved with a Doula by your side!

Postpartum care & recovery.

After a birth it takes time for a new family to adjust and not everyone has family or friends available at the ready to assist. Some of our Doula's offer accessible post-partum care for new parents and their babies.

Postpartum is hard!

Whatever way you give birth, postpartum is a hard time, there is a lot of adjustment on the new life with a newborn, sleep deprivation and some pain, a postpartum doula will help with the transition and make you confident to overcome any challenges.

Breast/Chest/Bottle feeding?

Our lactation consultant will go to your house to teach all about it before your baby arrives so you are guaranteed on a good start! If you have any difficulty, she will visit you again to help you and baby overcome all the challenges.

Doulas are for partners too!

We help your partner understand what is going on, support you and give them time to rest, eat and be there fully, we can worry about the little things for them.