Multi-Language Birth and Postpartum Doulas in Canada

  • Postpartum Doula
  • Postpartum Doula


Hands on care for families seeking a few hours of support during the day. Available from birth up to 3 months after baby is born.

Postpartum care includes breastfeeding/lactation support, assistance with baby care, help with household light tasks and other family needs and facilitate self-care for new parents.

We offer packages of 15h, 20h and 25h. 

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  • Night Nanny London
  • Night Nanny London


At Mama Doula you can choose from a variety of packages for in-person and virtual doula services. Each package can includes prenatal appointments where we discuss your birth preferences, pain management options, newborn care, postpartum plan and clarify any questions you can have.

All the birth doula service includes:

  • Free Meet & Greet to introduce our doulas
  • Continuous phone/WhatsApp connection until 6 weeks after birth
  • Labour & Birth support – from when you call us to meet you until 2-3 hours postpartum
  • Postpartum visit to assist with baby care, feeding, debrief about the birth experience and assist with light household tasks

We offer many packages and you can choose the best for your needs!

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  • Postpartum Services London
  • Postpartum Services London

overnight DOULA

A Night Doula support families in all aspects of the newborn care, such as:

  • Feeding (bringing the baby to mom for breastfeeding, preparing bottles, and helping with latching on or pumping if needed)
  • Burping and soothing the baby and encouraging regular sleep habits
  • Changing and bathing baby
  • Organizing the nursery and folding baby’s laundry


This service offers 8 hours sessions of essential night support, for families seeking specialized baby care with the main purpose of helping parents to recover from sleep deprivation and also to stablish a consistent routine and healthy sleeping habits for the little one. 

We offer packages of 40h, 80h and 120h.

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early morning DOULA

Flexibility for families that need some extra time before the sun rises to care for older kids or stretch sleep a little bit to regain energy.
Five hours (5am to 10am) of professional support in caring for you and your baby, so you can rest, sleep and get replenished for the day.

We offer packages of 25h, 50h and 100h.

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  • Breastfeeding London
  • Breastfeeding London

Virtual DOULA support

Your Birth Doula, always by your side!

We all have been learning and practicing that being connected doesn't always mean in-person contact. When it comes to prenatal, delivery and postpartum care, we can also make this true.

Our virtual service includes:

  • 2 Virtual prenatal meetings
  • Virtual support during Labour & Birth
  • 1 Virtual postpartum meeting 

*This package does not include in-person support.

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sibling DOULA care

A sibling doula provides 24/7 on-call availability to care for your older child(ren) during your labor and birth.

This service includes 1 night out for the parents up to 3 hours prior to birth, on-call service for your due date, care for your older children during your labor and birth until you get home or you arrange care for them.

The sibling doula will come to your home or wherever your older child may be, and provide full care for the child during your labor, including preparing meals, providing educational activities, putting your kids to bed or dress in the morning, and maintaining a safe and fun environment for your child.

The sibling doula may also perform basic light household tasks whenever possible. She is able to bring your child to the hospital or place of birth to meet the new baby if this is something you request.

The sibling doula will stay with your child in the immediate postpartum period until arrangements have been made with family or others to further care for your child.

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Gentle sleep coaching

Our sleep specialist with 15+ years of experience, helped more than 2000 families achieve their goals and teaches/trains other professionals so they can become sleep consultants. Using a variety of solutions and no “one-method” approach.

Improving the family/baby sleep situation can’t be done in a quick fix, so our programs are extremely flexible on the family’s needs and wishes, and long enough to guarantee the problem is resolved.

    45, 60, or 90-day program includes:
  • Intake consultation
  • Sleep Assessment
  • Customized Sleep Plan
  • 45/60/90 days of unlimited email, text or Skype/WhatsApp support
  • In-home initial consultation
  • In-home night coaching from bedtime to 5am
  • Night/Day Doula to support your choices and help set them up.
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  • Doula Services London
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Breast/chest feeding can be more complex than expected.

Our counseling eases the anxieties evolving the process by teaching parents the advantages of human milk, positions and latch, solving simple issues and resources for more complex ones, when to call an IBCLC, pumping, milk storage, alternative ways of feeding, nipple care, hormones and breastfeeding, milk supply and stages of human milk.

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Belly Painting

The imagined baby can be represented through art...

Letting the imagination flow, having good thoughts and feelings at each paint stroke, exercising imagery of a good, calm and healthy pregnancy and birth are part of this special ritual.

It's an opportunity to picture from the outside the long-awaited baby that is soon to be here.

  • Non-toxic paints
  • Baby’s real intrautero position
  • Your choice of favorite colors
  • About 2 hours meeting

*Natural Ultrasound is an artistic painting technique with the sole purpose of representing the baby inside the womb and does not aim in any sense, to serve as medical or technical information regarding the pregnancy or baby's positioning.

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During the challenging period of lactation, every drop matters.

By acknowledging that, we offer you a special way to turn this precious live fluid into a memory that can be touched!

Each jewel is carefully designed and handmade by our doula and artist Kle Peixoto, in a piece as singular and special as you, your baby(ies) and your milk.

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Print? Plant? Cook? There are numerous things people do with their placentas!

Not sure about what to do with yours?

What about eternizing it in a beautiful and delicate digital art?

All we need is a picture, an idea of your favorite colors and elements and we will create a unique piece of art, just like this wonderful organ created by your body with the sole purpose of connecting you and your baby.

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