Gabi Passerini

In 2014, in Chile, I gave birth to a little girl. Two years later, in Spain, my first son was born.

From two amazing natural births came two wonderful children: Cecília and Dante, the love of my life. However, both times, I was away from my birthplace - São Paulo, Brazil - and far from any family.

Firstly and at first hand, I experienced the amazing power of a birthing body! Secondly, I lived through pregnancy and became a mother distant from everything that I once knew as home.

These two facts made me who I am today and shaped the way I think about parenthood.  I've learned then that the two of the most important things for a family who is welcoming a new baby are confidence and support.

This lesson also paved the way for a new professional path: being a doula. That's why I'm here for you!

As your doula, my job is to help your family feel secure, comforted and informed. I will work hard to make your "new parenting" experience empowered, confident and, especially, full of passion!

Already a Doula and a Lactation Counselor in Brazil, I am now certifying for Birth and Postpartum with Doula Training Canada.

I speak English, Portuguese and Spanish.

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